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Set up in 1968, JTC is Singapore's lead agency for the planning and development of industrial infrastructure, overseeing a range of industrial and commercial estates and buildings. Landmark projects by JTC include the Jurong Industrial Estate; the Jurong Island for energy and chemical industries; business and specialised parks, such as the International and Changi Business Parks, Seletar Aerospace Park and Tuas Biomedical Park; a work-live-play-&-learn development called one-north; next generation districts, including Jurong Innovation District and the Punggol Digital District, as well as the Jurong Rock Caverns, Southeast Asia's first commercial underground storage facility for liquid hydrocarbons. JTC also develops innovative space, such as the JTC Surface Engineering Hub, JTC MedTech Hub @MedTech Park, and TimMac @Kranji, which incorporate innovative features and shared infrastructure and services to enable industrialists to start their operations quickly and enhance productivity. 

As H3 Dynamics' exclusive co-development partner in the development of H3 Zoom.AI - Asset Inspection Solutions, JTC has rendered tremendous support in providing the initial test-bedding platform and proof-of-concept projects for H3 Dynamics research and development activities.

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