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  • With H3Zoom's Facade Inspection, we help facilities management personnel to achieve: Identification of defects on buildings High data quality and intelligent insights Fast delivery of facade inspection reports But on occasion, we will not be able to achieve this, and you may see false positives (defects that may not be critical). This could be caused by several factors (expanded on below). H3Zoom's AI analysis can be considered to be a black box process; aerial data is uploaded onto the platform, a mathematical process driving the platform's algorithms analyses the images and automatically generates a facade inspection report for review. There are various causes of false positives: Inconsistent datasets Inconsistent UA flight path Weather conditions Building features that look like defects How to improve your facade inspection reports If your report was of poor quality, here are a few things you can do to improve it. You can instruct your drone services provider to perform the Inspection Analysis Flight Path: INSTRUCTIONS • Perform top down rooftop flight path. Refer to FIGURE A • Perform bottom up flight path for each building face. Refer to FIGURE A • Minimal overlap of 5 – 10 % per image FIGURE A Minimal image overlap The lesser the image overlap, the easier it is for H3Zoom to process your datasets. Low overlap gives you highly accurate facade inspection reports. 5 - 10% overlap
  • H3 Zoom is an intelligent building inspection application that automatically locates and identifies defect and anomalies found on building exterior and facades. It is essentially an AI-enabled software that automates and simplifies the building inspection process into a seamless operation.

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H3 Zoom.AI is an AI and Machine Learning powered building facade maintenance inspection SaaS designed to turn raw image data collected by aerial drones into automated & interactive defect management reports for facilities managers, insurers, specialty or generalist contractors, and certification bodies.


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