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H3 Zoom.AI operates as the digital services business subsidiary and third technology pillar of H3 Dynamics.


H3 Zoom.AI applies AI and Machine Learning to detect anomalies or defects across large quantities of images or other sensory data collected by various types of robots, including drones

 H3 Dynamics 

H3 Dynamics is working on an end to end data collection to interpretation automation solution that combines cloud-based artificial intelligence  with automated inspection & monitoring sensor robots, designed to operate independently in the field, on demand or on scheduled basis. The goal is a fully automated process for predictive maintenance and improved resource allocation at scale, which can be managed in real time, anywhere in the world.

We are a Singapore company with global reach through a Europe Middle East Africa subsidiary in France, a subsidiary in the US (Austin, Texas), and an indirect presence through shareholders and representation partners in Japan and Brazil.

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