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About H3 Zoom.AI

H3 Zoom is a cloud based and AI-powered digital services platform that addresses specific infrastructure maintenance use cases across several industry verticals. The platform will feature a range of digital subscription services that feature automated anomaly reporting systems based on visual, thermal or chemical sensor inputs gathered by drones or any remotely operated sensor robot.

About Facade Inspector

H3 Zoom.AI, a new AI-analytics service by H3 Dynamics, automates the data collection and reporting process for complex building façade inspections. By using drones to scan building facade surfaces and collect HD images, and applying the latest Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning visual analytics technologies, the result is a cloud based digital service that is convenient and easy to use.


Designed by H3 Dynamics together with leading facilities management institutions and professional building inspection engineers, H3 Zoom.AI is capable of automatically identifying, locating and reporting defects / anomalies on buildings’ exterior façade in a way that simplifies and digitizes today’s existing facilities management processes.


Today’s existing building inspection process is extremely slow, expensive, tedious, prone to accidents, fatigue and human errors. For high-rise buildings, the inspection activities require the use of scaffolding and gondolas, which comes along with setting up time, high cost of investment, and heavy logistics. Defects are discovered using human operators suspended on various equipment, defects are often marked onto the building surface, photos are taken, and added to paper documents for reporting purpose.


H3 Zoom.AI brings about automation and productivity improvement in the world of building façade inspection. It is now safer, faster, safer, more accurate, and more scalable to produce results for a higher level of service provided by facilities management operators and building owners anywhere in the word.


H3 Dynamics’ proprietary AI-Engine behind H3 Zoom.AI can sort quickly through thousands of images collected by drone cameras. The scanning process is highly simplified and automated so that any local drone service provider, or facilities management drone team, can easily deploy. All drone-captured images can be uploaded onto our cloud platform through WiFi / 4G seamlessly. H3 Zoom.AI’s image processing algorithms automatically sifts through all image files collected to identify and precisely locate all defects / anomalies on façade surfaces. The solution also automatically presents the final data insights onto 2D and 3D models of the inspected buildings, coupled with the exact locations of the defects / anomalies.


The time it takes to inspect a building is greatly compressed - from a few weeks (using the traditional inspection process) to a few hours.


Beyond data analytics, H3 Zoom.AI enhances existing high-rise inspection processes, by automatically generating digital reports with a list of associated defects, including images and location, for operators’ immediate review. 

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