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Facade Inspector Official Launch

Shaun Koo, Co-Founder & CTO of H3 Zoom.AI presenting the solution to visitors at the World Cities Summit

Monday, 09 July 2018

H3 Zoom.AI was pleased to announce the official launch of ​its latest product - the Facade Inspector at the World Cities Summit from 09 - 11 July 2018 in Singapore.

H3 Zoom.AI Facade Inspector is an AI-enabled and API-ready solution that is enhanced with artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities that is capable of automatically detecting, identifying, and locating defects / anomalies on building facades.

Today's manual facade inspection process is slow, expensive, labour intensive, and prone to human accidents due to work-at-heights. It also involves mobilising heavy equipment and logistics, such as gondolas and scaffolding. Hence, causing the overall ​inspection process to be tedious and hazardous.

Our technology and solution aim to revolutionise the entire workflow and processes through the use of technology.

H3 Zoom.AI capitalizes on the use of drone cameras to capture thousands of building images. These images can then be fed into our proprietary AI engine, where all of these images can be collated and sorted out.

Through data processing and visual analytics algorithm, the software will then automatically detect, identify, and locate the different types of facade defects, like cracks, water marks, and paint peeling.


All this information will then be presented in a user-friendly dashboard for facility managers and building operators to access and review. Furthermore, inspection reports will also be automatically generated for the users documentation.

The launch event was a great success, enticing a great number of visitor turn-ups, including guests from Singapore government agencies like JTC, SLA, MPA, SPF, LTA, and PUB. Other visitors also include private companies like Schulte Group, Surbana Jurong, Cushman & Wakefield, CDL, CPG, etc.

Taras Wankewycz, CEO of H3 Dynamics discussing the future of smart inspection solution with Schulte Group

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