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Singapore MediaCorp Interview

Mr Shaun Koo (Director of Digital Solutions) during an Interview with Ms Elizabeth Neo (MediaCorp)

Thursday, 03 May 2018

The Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore (CAAS) has recently announced plans to change and enhance the regulations relating to Unmanned Aircraft (UA), including drones. This move is a result of the rapid growth in the usage of UA, which might pose risks to aviation and public safety.

Some of specifics include operating guidelines, drone pilot competencies, and requirements for UA weighing 25kg and above. All these are major concerns, especially for a highly urbanised city, like Singapore.

H3 Dynamics & H3 Zoom.AI believe that these regulations are for the better future of Singapore. The framework of drone pilot competency, for example, will provide more assurance for customers, especially for the industrial use of drones within the space.

While the drone industry is currently growing in Singapore, it is nevertheless important to identify the major potential shortcomings and make provisions for a better infrastructure of drone applications.

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Channel NewsAsia Coverage

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