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BuildTech Asia 2018: PE Portal

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Donny Soh - VP Engineering of H3 Zoom.AI presented to a group of visitors at BuildTech Asia 2018

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Monday, 22 October 2018

H3 Zoom.AI is pleased to announce the launch of PE Portal - an enhanced feature that supplements the currently available Facade Inspector solution during BuildTech Asia 2018 in Singapore.

PE Portal is a new cloud-based platform that enables professional engineers, inspectors, and façade specialists to digitally and remotely review, annotate, and verify façade defects / anomalies as precedently identified by the Façade Inspector A.I. engine.

This process also acts as a supervisory role to review and verify all the findings identified by the A.I. engine and serves as a means to further improve the system's accuracy and capabilities - hence, providing continuous improvement and learning for the A.I. engine.

Façade Inspector is a visual inspection tool developed by H3 Zoom that leverages on artificial intelligence and scanner drones to transform the way high-rise building facades are inspected and maintained. The A.I.-enabled software automates and digitizes the entire inspection process through the use of camera drones for data collection and proprietary machine learning algorithm for data processing and visual analytics. The A.I. engine can sort through thousands of HD images to precisely identify, qualify, and localize different types of defects, which are then represented through interactive inspection reports.

The three-day event from the 22nd to 24th October 2018 had attracted quite a number of interested visitors from government sectors, including BCA, LTA, HDB, DSTA, etc. and private sectors from the building and construction industries.

Stephen Loh - APAC Sales Manager of H3 Zoom.AI at BuildTech Asia 2018 forum

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