Automating & Digitizing Building Facade Inspection 

Our system is capable of detecting various building and facade anomalies, including cracks, corrosion, paint peeling and other defects on different materials such as concrete, cladding, glass, or metallic surfaces.

With removal of labour-intensive activities, especially for high-rise buildings, our solution contributes to the elimination of accidents due to fall from heights.

With a drone, a pilot and our AI software, we are able to accelerate the whole building inspection process, easily from 4 - 6 weeks to within few hours time, dependent on the size of the building.

No more expensive labour and equipment investment. Our technology solution cuts down manual building inspection costs to more than 50% of the existing market price.

Manual inspection process is prone to mistakes due to human error. Our system, on the other hand, captures all high resolution images precisely and stores them for analysis, documentation, and traceability.

Due to the nature of our system, it is now possible to deploy the solution at great speed and scale, while at the same time improve the inspection duration, cost, safety, and accuracy issues faced my the existing methodology.

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H3 Zoom.AI is an AI and Machine Learning powered building facade maintenance inspection SaaS designed to turn raw image data collected by aerial drones into automated & interactive defect management reports for facilities managers, insurers, specialty or generalist contractors, and certification bodies.

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